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All Faux Fur


Aspen Collection

Aspen Collection

As comforting as an après ski hot chocolate, as beautiful as genuine fur, these Hugrz™ boot wraps are soft and luxurious. Wear them here, there, and everywhere... but leave your guilt at home. All material is 100% acrylic. Available in 12 sophisticated styles.

Bennington Collection

From the falling leaves through to the blossoming trees, your favorite sweaters add that extra layer of style. Your boots deserve the same. Hugrz™ boot wraps add color, texture, and pattern to your favorite boots. Soft, cotton-blend yarn. Available in 6 classic styles.
Santa Fe Collection

Santa Fe Collection

Terra cotta days. Cool desert nights. These Hugrz™ boot wraps have a short, soft, velvet feel. Wear them to show your spots, your stripes, and your fun self! Here comes the sun. All material is 100% acrylic. Available in 3 playful styles.
Aspen Collection


You know how you feel with that perfect scarf, or necklace, or bag? Right; pulled together and looking good! That is because it is always the accessories that make the difference in an outfit. Well, your boots deserve the same. Match your Hugrz boot wrap, or choose a complimentary color to add some zing. Suede lacing today - ribbon bands tomorrow?